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How Your Aircraft Could Benefit From Whelen Taxi and Landing Lights

How Your Aircraft Could Benefit From Whelen Taxi and Landing Lights

Air Power, Inc. is one of the nation’s most trusted sources for the latest and greatest airplane parts and engine product releases. Just in the last year, we’ve seen the release and widespread use of several new products like Blue Epoxy that solve common problems pilots face and keep their trips in the air safer.

Recently, Whelen, one of the leading names of our industry, introduced their Parmetheus G3 LED landing and taxi lights. Let’s take a closer look at this product and how your shop’s customers could benefit from adding these new and improved features to their airplanes.


Whelen Aerospace Technologies Introduces Parmetheus G3 LED Landing and Taxi Lights

According to a press release from Whelen Aerospace Technologies, their Parmetheus G3 LED lights were released in November 2021. The latest release is the most recent upgrade of their original Parmetheus product that was established in 2010.

The new light follows Whelen’s dedication to high-quality performance and value; coming with several features that enhance overall performance and ease of ordering the product.

It is currently available in PAR-36 size and eliminates the need to specify voltage during orders, as it operates between 14 and 28 volts.


How Could Your Customers Benefit From Whelen Landing and Taxi Light Products?


When you purchase light products from Whelen Aerospace Technologies you are getting so much more than a well-known brand name. Here’s a closer look at some of the direct benefits pilots can experience once they’ve installed G3 LED lights on their crafts.


Reduced Energy Costs

LED landing and taxi lights from Whelen Aerospace Technologies require less energy to produce the excellent quality of lighting they provide. So, aside from a light that expertly illuminates a pilot’s path, the latest G3 product helps preserve the longevity of a plane’s system through the minimal energy required for use.


Improved Runway Visibility

The latest implementation of Parmetheus is 2.5 times brighter than the Plus version of the product. The G3 LED is stronger than standard LEDs on the market and allows pilots to experience improved beam spread that helps advance overall runway visibility and landing safety.


Air Power Makes Whelen Purchases Simple


We are proud to be your number one resource for all Whelen Aerospace Technologies and other major manufacturer products. Purchasing bulk amounts of airplane parts can seem daunting, especially in the current age of fulfillment complexity.

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Settle Your Customer’s Airplane Parts Needs With Air Power, Inc. Today


Whether your shop is ready to invest in new LED lights from Whelen or needs a large order of airplane parts for the upcoming spring flight season, Air Power, Inc. has the materials you need.

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